Melissa Do your best! You are stronger than you think! You can do this!


Melissa has been a doctor of traditional Chinese medicine for 17 years and truly believes that health is about consistently making healthy choices. Fitness is part of her daily routine. She is a marathon runner and Ironman triathlete. In addition to teaching indoor cycling, she also teaches yoga, Qi gong and meditation.

Melissa has been teaching indoor cycling for 20 years and hopes to teach another 20! Working as a personal trainer through graduate school, she wanted to teach an inspiring and challenging class. After her first indoor cycling class she was addicted! As an outdoor cyclist, she found indoor cycling to be a great winter workout and much more inspiring and fun than rollers or a bike trainer. The group dynamic of fun and fitness, as well as the support and shared camaraderie of the riders is what made her fall in love with teaching these classes.

Melissa wants riders to feel empowered by her class. She wants them to feel strong and a little surprised with what they accomplished. She wants riders to feel like she is their personal coach helping them to achieve their goals, whether that is a personal best, pushing outside their comfort zone, doing something they’ve never done before, or finishing class. She wants riders to feel that no matter what they came there to accomplish, she is there to support their effort. She wants them to walk out of class feeling great about what they achieved. She wants riders to feel that taking her class was one of the healthiest choices they made all day.

Melissa hopes to remind riders that their personal best is always an option available to them. She wants them to know that they are so much stronger and more capable than they think. She wants them to believe in their effort as much as she believes in them. Most of all, she wants them to know just how much fun it can be to get the best work out of their life! If you are looking for a class which inspires you to achieve your best, and have a ton of fun doing it, Melissa hopes to see you in her class!