Stephanie Know your limitations and then defy them!


Exercise has always been part of Stephanie’s life. She grew up loving and appreciating all types of fitness activities from weight training, to interval training and everything in between, but cycling has always held a special place in her heart!

Stephanie belonged to a University where a cycling program existed. She participated as an instructor, where she learned everything it took to teach a successful class over four years of trial and error. That program allowed her to fall in love with cycling and find her voice.

She strongly believes that finding a way to enjoy your fitness experience is key to having successful outcomes! Anyone can participate. It is all inclusive. She wants everyone to feel a sense of belonging when they take her class.

Every day is a new challenge. Stay focused and be open to the unknown! You CAN do it! If you want to set goals, improve your fitness and have a blast while doing it, come rock your ride with Stephanie. She promises you won’t regret it!